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The man behind Griseformidling Vest ApS

The man behind the company is myself, Verner Bøjtang. At my side is my wife Susanne, and together we have three delightful boys. The family wholeheartedly supports the company, which is an integral part of all our daily lives.

I have worked with animals almost all my life, including at the completely down-to-earth level. I have previously worked as a farmhand and herdsman, and for six years I was operations manager at two large pig farms.

I graduated from Gråsten Agricultural College in 1990 with the ‘Green Certificate’. During my training at Gråsten Agricultural College I worked at weekends as farmer’s deputy, and washed tank trucks at a nearby dairy in the evenings.

In 1996, I joined Husdyr Formidling Syd (Livestock Distribution South), firstly as a driver for one of the SPF trucks, and later on in the office, where I could concentrate on the actual trading process.

In 2005 I took the plunge and became self-employed when I founded Griseformidling Vest ApS.

Looking back, I can see a business that has got off to a good start and has established a solid foothold, with the energy and will to improve and develop.

I also think back with great humility and pride of the marvellous support I have received from my family and close friends, as well as from farmers and trade partners.

The partnership behind Skærbæk Eksport ApS

In 2008, a partnership with haulier Per Sørensen and pig producer Henrik Nielsen became a reality when we founded the company Skærbæk Eksport ApS. The company exports weaners, calves, cattle and sheep. None of the three owners, however, takes part in the practical daily operations of the company, as we all have other occupations as well.

The buildings of Skærbæk Eksport ApS have recently undergone refurbishment and extensive renovations to ensure that they will remain a good environment for the livestock and people involved.